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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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“Projected seat count: 48 PC; 30 Liberals; 29 NDP; due to NDP vote being badly distributed.”

That should read “due to NDP vote being fortunately distributed.”

“Neither figure inspires much beyond mild disgust and boredom.”

I don’t need to be “inspired” to want to rescue Ontario from this reckless McGuinty machine. I just want sound policies to return Ontario to a sustainable economic and fiscal path. Hudak is finally showing some life on that front with his Paths to Prosperity on the Health, Energy and Labour files.

“The Dalt has at last come to his end”, yes that may be so but Hudak simply ran on Liberal lite ( same old policies with a little chain-gang red meat) in the last election instead of offering his Paths to Prosperity when those ideas could have been provocative enough to have gotten some press. Even if he had of lost on them; he would now be able to sell them with sincerity and authority.

The last election was not, as many say, Hudak’s to lose. But it could have been Hudak’s to lose with credibility. The PCs have no credibility now. Hudak has to figure out how to sell the Paths to Prosperity or the Liberals will simply dump The Dalt and reset with a fresh new leader to re-package themselves with a lot of free help from the MSM. The new Liberal leader, let’s say Kathleen Wynne because it’s time for a gay female Premier, will simply say she will reform the Liberals because “they will not be able to rule as Dalt did. There simply isn't the money.” The MSM will eat it up.

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