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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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Now that Timmy has lost all credibility he is finally turning to his mind to what should have happened before the last election where he campaigned on a platform of “we won’t rock the boat but we’ll be a better bureaucracy than Liberals, plus we’ll have chain gangs”. He should have campaigned on the Drummond Report, it wasn’t released yet but if the PCs didn’t already have that information from years of sitting in Queens Park, then what are we paying them to do? He would have lost doing that but so what? At least at this point he’d have credibility doing this:

Now health care proposals and government union proposal are part of a series of Tory policy papers that Hudak is rolling out called "Paths to Prosperity". They make some sense. However, most conservatives are not paying attention because we wrote Timmy off after the last election.

So what should we do? Wait for the Liberals to regroup under a new leader like Kathleen Wynne (time for a FEMALE gay Premier, Smitherman didn’t work out) and let them carry on as the Natural Governing Party of Ontario or do we press for a PC leadership review? Or do we encourage Timmy to come clean and explain that he’s had an epiphany and that what he is tabling now with the Paths to Prosperity can be trusted to hold up in the heat of an election?


When the Dalt squeaked in this last time,I commented "Good, he made the mess, now let him clean it up."
And you know? That seems to be what he is trying to do even though it means taking on his power base. I didn't think he had it in him.
Now let's say our friend Tim Hudak had got in with a majority. Do you really think he would have taken on the public sector this way? Really?
And if he had, would we not be hearing the old refrain from the MSM and Toronto metrosexuals about the heartless and cruel Tories doing it again to the little people just like Mike Harris did.
No. I think the universe is unfolding as it should.
The really scary thing is the power of the public sector unions. As has been pointed out, they acted as a political action committe for the Dalt against the Tories in the last election and bought Dalton a narrow win. This time they were able to flip a solidly blue riding that put the Liberals a distant third.
Much as I have loathed the man over the past eight years or so, I would have preferred to see him beat the unions in this contest.

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