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Monday, September 10, 2012


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It’s similar to the US where many voters also want a messiah. Obama now has a bounce in the polls because he is running on Clinton’s record not his own. There is hope he is going to change to Clinton.

Over 50% of the voters, at the moment, seem to forget that Clinton did the opposite to what Obama is doing. Clinton stopped the train wreck of HilaryCare. He cut taxes on capital gains and dividends that precipitated the dot.com boom that allowed tax revenues to pour in and kick start the knowledge based economy. Clinton ended welfare as we know it. Clinton’s record was really based on a Newt Congress. But most Americans don’t know that, too busy watching American Idol.

My Liberal friends confirm “No, this time I'm telling you the absolute truth! Justin Trudeau is not a media phenomenon, he's a visionary leader who will energize..” They relate stories of attending private fund raisers and Justin walks into the room and “first there is a hush, then a ….” …I interrupt to ask was he riding a donkey like Palm Sunday? …there is no laughter at that from the wise men painting a picture of the new Messiah who will make us proud to be Canadians again.

As the Dem convention proved with the 3 votes subverting God, Big Government is the new God for Democrats and Justin will no doubt be the new Son of God for the Liberals. Why? Because they want a drama teacher not a dismal economist as PM.

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