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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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Ford has delivered on “we’re paying for this?”, i.e. those of us who were mad as hell and not going to take it any more with the City unions and their cronyism with over half the Councilors. He also has championed the subway but not delivered on how to finance it because he doesn’t know how to “partner” with other stakeholders. That’s because as RA says he is not professional.

Because he’s not professional, he’s not a team builder. That’s not a surprise, he’s a lone wolf. Growing into a team builder was only a hope but that never got filled and won’t. He’s finished.

Nevertheless what he delivered on was important and we should thank him for that because the next candidate who wants to get elected Mayor has to convince us that they won’t let the unions run the City again. The next candidate has to be a team builder and needs to be able to go to Queens Park and Bay St to figure out how to raise $100 billion to build a subway so that we can catch up with the third world.


The subway is a stupid stupid idea. They way Ford wants it built makes no sense.

What has Ford really accomplished in beating back government?


It doesn't matter what Mayor Ford does, the elitist left and their MSM will vilify it. He can be the perfect pol, a paragon of virtue and it just wouldn't matter. If they couldn't find any faults in the man, they'd make some up.
They have a visceral hate for anyone who is not left of center and to them any means is justified by the end.


Yeah they'd hate him the same and vilify him if Ford were professional. That's even more reason to give Ford a smack on the head for helping the left in their task of vilifying him.

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