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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


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“Recall the huffing and puffing when Stephane Dion introduced the Clarity Act. Separatists don't like things spelled out clearly.”

Actually that could be broadened to progressives don’t like things spelled out clearly. For example many of our progressive Premiers fiercely objected to the Conservative government spelling out how Health Care would be funded by the Feds in relation to economic growth. The Premiers would rather obfuscate, much like a referendum question, their accountabilities on Provincial Health. PMSH should have called that clever manoeuver the Health Care Clarity Act.

Therefore I’m not sure I agree with the following statement by Bouchard because Health Clarity did indeed cause federalism to be renewed by virtue of making the Provinces accountable: “The situation is no rosier on the federalist side. If sovereignty is no longer the mobilizing project that it once was, neither is renewed federalism.”

Quebec’s biggest problem is that it is like Muslims in the ME. Quebecois are badly misinformed by the Al Jazeera-like media of Quebec that spews lies about Quebec sending more money to Ottawa than it receives. If the truth on the fiscal status of Quebec were ever exposed (thankfully the Quebec Lucide put its toes in the water) then we might see some needed reform.

McGuinty and our MSM are no less honest than the PQ and Quebec media when it comes to the cost of McGuinty’s irresponsible green energy programs and his doubling of the debt from massive deficits. The Drummond Report spelled that out clearly but it was buried and unfortunately Hudak didn’t run on that content although he seems to be trying now with his Paths to Prosperity launch.

In short, not spelling things out isn’t just a Separatist tactic, it’s a progressive tactic and the whole country suffers from it.

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