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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


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“The size of government” should be the definition of conservatism.

The numbers shown are 2010 and Obamarx has exploded the size of the US government since then. Federally it averaged 19-20 % of GDP under Bush and Clinton and now Obama has it up to 25% and that’s before ObamaCare really kicks in.

The Canadian Feds were at a high of around 16%, now at 14% and the budget has it heading to 12%. Ottawa is half the size of Washington which will explode with ObamaCare and if Obama gets re-elected Washington will be running everything.

Canada’s problem is with the big provinces…Ontario and Quebec.

Only the private sector creates wealth, governments consume wealth. Therefore the ratio of the government load the private sector has to carry is a predictor of economic success and stability. McGuinty loading Ontario’s balance sheet (I know governments don’t have balance sheets and that’s a problem) up with Samsung windmills and handing the borrowing costs of that plus the costs of subsidies to the next generation is a disgrace.

Shrink government!


Canada is mostly white, and most of the non-whites you do have are economically productive. I was in Detroit last week and did the ruin tour. As a visitor I have never seen the ugly side of Canada but I know you don't have anything like that.


The GOP has done its best to chase the Hispanics into the arms of the Dems with their insane and xenophobic immigration proposals.

John Chittck

A friend of mine was a young boy living in Southern England during WW2 and witnessed a convoy of US Army vehicles that went past his front yard round the clock for a solid week in preparation for the D-day invasion. He had an expression for doing things in a very large fashion of doing it like the US Army.

The US federal leviathan is engaged in activities that in Canada have overburdened the provinces at their comparatively minuscule level. Defense, and engagement at a scale covering that of the Western world, Education, energy, three single-payer health care schemes and mandates piled-on state mandates for the remnants of private insurers, Environment, land management that is dysfunctional, housing, auto manufacturing, welfare, etc, all by the most politically partisan unmanageable monstrosity which is coincidentally broke. What could possibly go wrong?

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