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Monday, September 17, 2012


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The Dippers have gained Loyal (what a misnomer) Opposition status with a little help from Faust. As pointed out, this is déjà vu Mulroney’s PC’s that gained power via a Faustian deal with Bouchard’s cabal that ultimately morphed into the Bloc. That didn’t end well for the PCs.

“While many Quebec nationalists will side with the interventionist part of the agenda, the bit about being run from Ottawa is far less palatable.”

Ahhh but this is where the Dippers will steal a phrase from that great Liberal triangulator Paul Martin and offer an “asymmetrical solution for Quebec”. Except the ROC wants no more asymmetry, they want rules that apply to all Canadians or leave.

The article points out another serious error Tommy 2.0 has made with: “The NDP, he said, will keep pushing policies that give ‘real meaning and substance’ to the idea of ‘Quebec as a nation in Canada’ “

Quebec, the geography, is not a nation in Canada. The Quebecois are, the tribe is, there’s a big difference between Quebecois and Quebec; PMSH slipped that one by as a defence against the allegiance desertion manoeuvres of Iggy who was also Faustian on the Quebec file. (Maybe Iggy wasn’t malicious about it; maybe his manoeuvres were simply due to his ignorance as an absentee Canadian which Liberals didn’t seem to be fussed about.)

This Tommy 2.0 circus act on two horses will be a hoot to watch, a real knee slapper. The Dippers are about to get caught in their own web of lies.

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott

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