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Friday, September 14, 2012


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It’s as if in a business the staff stays there forever and the executive get shifted around to other companies. Therefore the executive is always new and beholding to the staff to help make things work, the executive is over a barrel.

However not only is the “civil” service permanent, it is unionized and it provides a lot of services on a monopoly basis. So not only are the politicians beholding to these staff to run the ministries but the politicians often use the union base to help get themselves get re-elected ( like a free Super Pac for donations and boots on the ground during an election ) …a massive distortion and conflict of interest to the taxpayer paying all these government salaries and benefits. Decades of this cycle has created government bankruptcy from Greece to California with Ontario in-between.

The solution? Outsource about 90% of what government employees currently do and put it all out to tender once in awhile. For example there is no reason Revenue Canada needs to be staffed by government union employees. …outsource it. Then the role of the Revenue Minister simply becomes a process of making sure the Request for Proposal to the bidders is professionally executed. The winning bidder is going to try their hardest to keep that Minister happy with service and price in order to win the contract again when it next goes out to tender. Make it a rule that winning contractors cannot pay nor work for election campaigns with violations punishable by contract cancellation.

That way we might shift the dynamic to “who really rules” back to representative democracy and allow us to more easily kick the bums out when we’re unsatisfied with price and service.


Or maybe a "to the victor belong the spoils" system is a solution of sorts. Everytime there is a change of government all the top brass of all the government departments are fired and replaced by partisans of the newly elected party. That way there will be a bureacracy that would be in sinc with the governmentof the day. It's the upper echelons of the civil service that give the marching orders. The lower levels do the work of carrying those orders out. They don't need to be replaced for the most part and the continuity of each department would thus be maintained.

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