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Tuesday, October 02, 2012


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“Is there some way out of this trap?”

The MSM should be “fisking” everything that is said by politicians. But that would require work and knowledge. Being allergic to work and lacking knowledge the MSM, particularly TV, just stir the pot and the more emotional noise they can generate the better they like it.

“the Ottawa Press Gallery insists on playing witless cheerleader for one side. Couldn't they at least pretend to be less gullible? If only for form's sake?”
No because one side relies on Messiah-like leadership based on emotion in lieu of real policies. Policies (like disbanding monopoly Wheat Boards or Martha Hall Findlay’s attack on marketing boards) would require the MSM to work and inform in a knowledgeable fashion, they have no interest in doing that.
Therefore, until we completely tune out the MSM, this cycle of verbal abuse will continue.

In short, the way “out of this trap” is that we have to change because the MSM won’t change.

(“processing … the modesty of his father”: good line)

John Chittck

"The ultimate Victorian insult was to call someone an atheist. In a more pious age that was akin to calling someone a child molester today..."

Actually, when you let leak out, for context, that you are an atheist over at kate's site (another atheist, sshhhh), you still get a pretty a heavy pile-on by outraged and allegedly conservative commenters equating you with communism!

"Being allergic to work and lacking knowledge the MSM....." - nomdeblog

A much simpler explanation for their behavior is that the J-schools have mastered the process of converting students into the walking-dead of the institutional left.

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