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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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“What that new Canadian was supposed to look like was never clearly defined.”

Sure it was. The new Canadian was supposed to look like a Liberal.

“From this we are suppose to infer that multiculturalism is no threat to bilingualism”

It’s ironic how the Liberal strategy to campaign on identity politics has turned out. Liberals (as well as Conservatives until the last election showed Quebec no longer essential for a majority) have propped up Quebec to avoid assimilation. However, Liberals were very aggressive in promoting multiculti in the ROC; the more solitudes the better to create silos of identity politics. In short the “Siamese Twin” strategy of propping up Quebec and the cronyism of multiculti in the ROC was supposed to keep the Natural Governing Party in power forever.

But the academic definition of multicultural to mean cultural relativism is eating away at Quebec because the math doesn’t work and as RA says:
One of the central contradictions of Trudeaupian Canada: Claiming to regard all cultures as equal, while giving explicit special privileges to one minority group.


Conservatives are still propping up Quebec and will for a while yet. Which is more reason-as if needed-to massively increase immigration into Canada. It is still far too hard to get in.


The report that French is in decline is BS.

Between 2006 and 2011, the number of Canadians with French as a mother tongue increased by 327,775. Canadians who spoke French at home rose even more - 428,530. Outside Quebec, Canadians speaking French at home increased by 91,640.
(From "French is not in danger", by William Johnson, Ottawa Citizen, Monday, October 29, 2012.)

This is decline?

No, it's just scare-mongering from StatsCanada

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