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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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“Nine years of making yourself hoarse pointing out the incredible mendacity and cynicism of this government and it ceases to have meaning. Is anyone out there? Are you seeing this stuff?”

No most aren’t seeing it because the media (“outside the Toronto Sun's editorial board”) won’t report it. Nor will it cover the fiscal disaster that McGuinty has been; doubling the debt during his reign from $130 to 260 billion. Nor will the media sufficiently cover Caledonia, energy boondoogles, eHealth , Ornge, on and on. Why won’t it cover this? Because they know these issues have the potential of Adscam; ie destroying their Liberal pals in Ontario.

“The Dalt has lowered the political standards so low there might no recovery in the foreseeable future.”

Right. Ontario now resembles Quebec where people supposedly in the know in Quebec had been saying for years “don’t blame Charest, that’s not fair, he’s just one guy; the corruption going on here is so deep that one guy, even if he’s the Premier, cannot be expected to clean it up...sigh”

In addition to the media cover up, until recently, we had Hudak running as Liberal lite in order to avoid being called the return of Mike Harris. However until we get a plurality of voters indeed calling for the return of Mike Harris to clean up this mess Ontario “politicians will do away with the pretence of positioning and just make stuff up ... (like) Unicorns and fairies” ... any bets even the (ought to be) disgraced Smitherman turns up again for the Liberal leadership?

Maple Curtain

Women have the vote. Snake-oil salesman who appear non-threatening can bamboozle them every day. All they have to do is talk about making your life more secure (material comforts, saving the planet, etc.) and giving you other people's money. "Men" like Charest, McGuinty, Obama, David Cameron, etc. do not get elected by other males, but by females. These are betas who are easily controlled by women and who want their own revenge on the alpha males who are the real achievers in life. That is why there are no (precious few) accomplished people in public life. The snake-oil salesmen are elected by the leeches (appropriators of wealth created by others). Men have no say in the matter. Time to look anthropologically at political life. Men and women are different and have different goals in life.


"A cynicism so profoundly and so blandly expressed that the electorate has simply given up hope of anything better. The Dalt has lowered the political standards so low there might no recovery in the foreseeable future."

I like it I think this new Total Apathy approach is worth a try. It is certainly what the electorate deserves. It may desensitize politics so much that an Obama is impossible here. At least provincially.

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