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Thursday, October 18, 2012


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The Liberal idea of unity has always been about dividing the country up into tribes and then paying each of them off to vote Liberal and calling that unity.

For decades the Liberals stayed in power by vacuuming taxation into Ottawa and then redistributing bribes and convincing voters they are the only party that can glue the country together with the taxpayers’ own money. Liberals have played this tribal game Provincially with Quebec, regionally with the Atlantic and with multiculti siloed immigrants in Ontario. The Prairies don’t even exist for Liberals other than as a source of revenue.

The Liberal political model worked for years. They divided up the country up into silos and then bundled it together for the price of a Liberal skim used for patronage appointments and electioneering costs. The Liberal machine will now use Justin to try that old model again.

Conservatives on the other hand are what Hicks calls “very much decentralist and about provincial autonomy”. In other words the Conservative philosophy is that a strong federation means strong provinces. That’s the opposite of the Liberal’s “tribal skim and bundle” containment philosophy.

We will now have a stark choice.

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