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Wednesday, October 03, 2012


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“Many of the natural blessings that fell upon Alberta also fell upon Saskatchewan. To have good fortune is one thing, to know how to use so well was Peter Lougheed's special gift.”

That’s right because it takes enormous amounts of free enterprise capital to get the stuff out of the ground to market. That skill is not a given, because:
“By contrast squandering opportunity is something for which the Saskatchewan NDP has always had an unrivalled skill.”

“Since Confederation not a single Canadian Prime Minister has ever held the office of premier”

That’s because very very few are bilingual, therefore they are disqualified.
Peter Lougheed is a classic example of a missed opportunity in 24 Sussex because he is not bilingual. It’s hard enough to find good leaders but if only 1 in 10 is bilingual then we’re making it even harder. That’s the How of Joe Why.

“Even before the battles over NEP, Lougheed had established himself as a defender of provincial autonomy. This would not have worked in his favour trying to win votes in the Ontario”

That is pre-NAFTA thinking when East/West trade was forced and Ontario benefited from tariffs. Now trade is North South. Therefore de-centralization is the way to go because of the various ecologies across the country that drives local economies.

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