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Friday, October 26, 2012


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“If you don't allow failure of any kind then nothing is a failure and therefore nothing needs to be corrected. If it becomes conditioned that failure does not exist then there becomes no reason nor opportunity to change.”

In short, without trial and error we can’t adapt and will go the way of the dinosaur which is hopefully what will happen to these liberals soon.

This gets to ideological war between capitalism and the various utopian- isms. Because capitalism is about competition which in turn is about trial and error. We learn from the error, the failure, we don’t do it again hopefully. And from the successes, we copy those rapidly and take it to the next level where trial and error starts all over again.

It’s OK to err, to fail. It’s normal. But utopians can’t handle failure and blame success on greed and unfair advantages.

Darcy is bang on with “This whole pro non-zero nonsense has nothing to do with teaching children but has everything to do with teaching ideology.”

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