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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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"The mayor of Toronto is being removed because he solicited donations for a football charity."

That's not true Publius. He got tossed out for voting on a motion that he shouldn't have even been present for. It was a big conflict of interest. Whether the punishment fits the crime is another matter.

John Chittck

It sounds like Ford is a loner bordering on pathological. If he had any allies on Council at all they could have saved his bacon by asking him to leave the room rather than hand him the rope to hang himself.

In politics, one must either be astute or befriend someone with such attributes.

Richard Anderson

Since so few people made a fuss of this at the time, either in the city government or the MSM, I'm wondering how well understood the rule was. There are a lot of things politicians do that walk a fine line, it's not always obvious when they've crossed over. The thinking may have been that this was a kid's charity and Ford gained nothing by it, so why sweat the small stuff?

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