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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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John Chittck

Beyond the economic realities of living next to a US in serious decline, the Obamageddon will leave traditional allies out in the cold. A US President who whispers sweet nothings into the ear of a Russian President about how he'l sell out US interests after his re-election will likely care less about Canada's claims to arctic sovereignty. Canada might want to consider picking-up a couple of nuclear subs along with a few dozen special MIRVS. In a world where the Norks and Iranians are nuclear, it seems crazy that a Canada, Australia or Japan no longer reliant on the US umbrella, fall behind.

On the economic front, Canada could prosper significantly from the soon to be disaster of US Leviathan-managed Obamacare. Private, for profit, American customer only, medical facilities will be able to sell services no longer available to Americans with savings or other means (eventually Gold and Silver only). The CHC Act would not apply since Canadians would not be allowed as customers and American mandates would not apply either. Just like the off-shore "pirate" radio stations of the sixties beamed into the UK, Canada could construct private pirate hospitals and clinics along the 49th parallel.


John Chittick: “clinics along the 49th parallel”. That’s an interesting concept.

We could start a new industry if we were creative about it. We could have health tourism in Niagara Falls for example. Get a new knee and take a wine tour, gamble, see some shows ….

We already do a bit of Health sales to foreigners but we do it secretly. The Shouldice Hernia Hospital in Toronto has a world class reputation and Americans in fact crowd out Canadians waiting in line because the Americans are allowed to pay more than the Canadians paying with their Health Card. Additionally McMaster University has transformed smoke stacked Hamilton into a medical brain trust. There is obviously a business proposition to be capitalized on if we could get our heads out of the sand.

This would give new meaning to the old saw that “Canadians don’t want US Health Care” because now with ObamaCare Americans don’t want it either; ergo we’ve got something to sell….for a PROFIT.

Obamageddon could be an opportunity if Harper and Flaherty sat down with McGuinty and discussed Health Care as a world class industry and ….whoops I forgot, McGuinty prorogued.


"The question is whether Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty are conservative enough to make the necessary changes."

The answer is no. Flaherty? His presence alone negates the notion that Harper is some political genius. As to Harper himself: Harper only does what Harper is sure will make him comfortable. Plus, he has terrible communications.

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