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Friday, November 23, 2012


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John Chittck

Feudalism disguised as various "progressive" forms of statism is the natural base state of humanity. Liberty demands a continuous form of active ideological if not kinetic revolution against statism. Private ownership and freedom to carry weapons is the essence of liberty. A population unwilling to use such weapons will lose those weapons eventually because where the struggle for liberty is outsourced to the political class, the natural base condition returns. The UK's modern feudalism is disguised as a nanny state and has long ago fallen for the false trade-off of "security" in exchange for liberty with the result ultimately trending toward neither. The UK is Alan Rock's utopia.


He almost deserves it for not getting off Limey Island. Seriously, there is no good reason to remain in Airstrip One. Just leave.


Coming soon to a Canada near you.

While some people were crapping themselves with joy over the non-restricted registry going away, the rest of C68 that will allow the same thing to happen here still exists.

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