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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


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Iggy was a good Prof. Tenure was originally supposed to allow audacious musings without getting fired. Iggy in action at the University Club a decade ago had the chattering class squirming in their dinner table seats as he walked them through his book The Lesser of Evils which essentially supported the Iraq War.

To answer what is wrong with our Party system and Parliament you have to start with how do people get informed and the problem is that images play a big role and that means TV and that means since it is dominated by progressives the slant of images will be polar bears on melting ice bergs with a backdrop of an oil refinery when we talk about climate change…nothing else needs to be said, the images tell the story and ergo we need a carbon tax…according to the TV networks.

Then there is Party branding. Wouldn’t it have been nice if Mitt had the power of PMSH to squelch a couple of Senators talking about God wanted those raped women to have a baby? When those insane statements were shown on TV coupled with Sandra Fluke calling for free contraceptives you got the juxtaposition of Democrats are friendly to Women and the GOP has started a War on Women. We have similar examples to that with some rednecks having to be gagged by PMSH.

Also, there are simply far too many issues that Parliament looks at to find any kind of consensus without strong party branding. The sheer number of MPs , 308 going to 338?, means that you have way too many opinions to get anything done . So the solution is to decentralize out of Parliament more and more to the Provincial and municipal level. Particularly the culture war type issues. Because there is no way to get a consensus of Newfoundland with Quebec with Alberta and so on. Decentralize Parliament and only let it look after a very short list of tasks…Defence, Trade Agreements, The Bank of Canada.. maybe a couple more…that’s it. Shrink Ottawa.


I don't think it is all that rosie in the Prime Minister's office.
The members of a caucus will only act as trained seals as long as they have the confidence that a PM can reasonably ensure they will be re-elected. Once the PM loses that then it's everyone for himself.
That's why opposition leaders go a lot faster than government ones. They're the losers.
But in my lifetime government caucuses turned on Dief, Joe Who, the Libs leaders after Chretien because there was the sense that they had become a liability to their re-election.

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