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Monday, November 26, 2012


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“The smart Liberals, assuming there are any left in the party, should be taking a long look at their presumptive next leader.”

So the question is: are there enough “smart Liberals” left to stop this Canadian version of the Obama train wreck? The fear is that too many Liberals would respond: what train wreck? That’s because, as with the USA, the MSM cheerleads these empty chairs instead of vetting them.

The good news is that there is a big difference between Obama and Justin. Obama didn’t have whole pockets of the country against him (like Justin does in the West) and Obama was atonement for past sins; Justin can’t play that role. Our only past sin is over-tipping the scales in favour of Quebec, this is a good time to fix that sin.

In order to stay healthy and competitive, Conservatives need credible opposition, not another academic leader of the LPC. The worst competition is incompetent competition. So far, Martha Hall Findlay is by far the most competent Liberal leadership choice for the country’s political climate.

John Chittck

"Obama didn’t have whole pockets of the country against him (like Justin does in the West)..."

If you don't count 72% of the "white" vote and virtually all of non-coastal and rural America as pockets.

The reason Richard seems obsessed with the Spawn of Satan is that he sees a serious threat. Any time a Federal Party can align Quebec and Ontario politically, it doesn't mater how the ROC votes. If the Grits disappear, Mulcair will do the alignment, if The Spawn gets anointed by the bimbo classes, he could do so. I don't believe that Quebec polls think much of the Spawn but it wouldn't be the first time they just enjoyed inflicting someone like him on the ROC. The script is already written, "we don't need dirty, out-of-control Western Resource Industries when we, the enlightened ones, know how to centrally plan a green and just utopia". And the Ontario mindset will believe them (McGuinty is proof). Beside, like most of the Western world, Ontario and Quebec are at the financial endgame in terms of debt. They can prolong the inevitable only by looting others.

Personally, I see the NDP as the greater threat as they have natural brain-dead pockets throughout the Country but the ability of Ontario to disappoint has always amazed me.

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