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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


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John Chittick

Alberta hasn't experienced an actual conservative government since Harry Strom was Premier. Alberta has out-spent every other province on a per capita basis. Other than the Trudeau NEP era the province has always expanded their spending to match revenues. The WRP results shows how many actual conservatives exist in the province.


WRP did get 35% of the vote...not bad for a startup.

I'd say Klein was pretty conservative, at least at first.

John Chittick

Ralph Klein was a well known local Liberal TV reporter in Calgary and in one of his regular nightly bar crawls was dared to run as Calgary's Mayor. He took up the challenge and ended up winning. He adopted the Conservatives when he went provincial, was never that ideological, mostly red-neck populism and good at it!

They could easily have done much worse that Ralph.

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