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Thursday, December 20, 2012


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“Keeping Canada out of Iraq? Had you done so out of some great principle or insight this might have been a point of pride. Instead you were driven by a juvenile anti-Americanism that has been endemic”

Moreover it had to do with a Quebec election that Spring and Quebec tends to be pacifist like the Euroweenies. The timing of Canadian military openly joining the Brits and Australia would have given Charest the boot in favour of Separatists. In fact we did participative in a clandestine way. I met a Canadian Air Force navigator who flew missions over Iraq, seconded to the Brits, to try to bunker bomb Saddam into submission days before the full blown war.

“Cut seniors pensions? No. That too is a lie. Those Canadians under 50 will now have to wait until 67 to collect their pension.”

Besides, Old Age Security is not a pension. It is not funded. It’s welfare. It was not contractually paid into like a pension. It comes out of general revenues not out of an actuarially monitored trust like CPP.


To be fair, staying (almost) out of Iraq and cutting non-interest spending by 10% are great things. But the spam still reads as a cruel caricature of the Liberals party's "We (I) used to be somebody" delusions of past grandeur.

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