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Monday, December 17, 2012


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Roy said “the Liberals have an opportunity to attract Red Tories — the fiscally conservative but socially liberal refugees from the Harper-era Conservative party.”

Roy what on earth is fiscally conservative about the McGuinty government? And why in 2013 is it even an issue to rant about socially liberal refugees? Premier Harris is the guy who brought in spousal benefits for gay partners while he said “gays like tax cuts too”.

“I hope as a former Progressive Conservative, with an emphasis on the word ‘progressive,’.... I’d like to see a party that shows more compassion”, said McMurtry

Roy is it compassionate that the Ontario Liberals doubled the debt from $130 billion to $260 billion during the McGuinty disaster? That’s a massive trans-generational shift onto the backs of your 12 grandchildren don’t you think? Not to mention upwards of a billion spent for the gas utility cancellation to buy a couple of NIMBY MPP seats, plus eHealth, plus Orang, plus Samsung windmills. The overall Ontario mess is worse than California...Roy why would you support such a disaster?

Roy if you want to help the poor, the solution isn’t more redistribution. We tried that. The solution is to grow the economic pie. Redistribution shrinks the pie, everybody loses; the rich get poorer and the poor get poorer. Roy, even a high school graduate like Belinda Stronach could understand that. Why can’t a brilliant man of letters like you get it?

“it would be nicer still if parties would label themselves properly.”

Yes, Hudak should take the important step of removing the word “progressive” from PCs ... “effectively flush the Red Tories out of the party. There they go! Swoosh! ...dumping the obnoxious qualifier ‘progressive’ ”.


Then Hudak would have to flush himself. Not going to happen.

By policy alone, looks to me like the Red Tories are fully in control of the CPC.

John Chittick

"Canada's first actual conservative party dates from 1987 and the birth of the Reform Party." - Richard

Given what we now know of the evolution to a conservatism of leviathan maintenance with slightly constrained growth, I would argue that the old Social Credit Party (ignoring the Major Douglas funny money aspect that they came to ignore as well) was at least as conservative as the existing reincarnation.

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