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Monday, December 10, 2012


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Mark Collins

Still one of the best movies ever--because it is movie, based largely on pictures. Even more so for "2001". Less so, but images still vital (e.g. the recreation of the B-52 interior), "Dr Strangelove". Kubrick strikes again.

And a for a great, largely non-picture movie: "Dial M for Murder" (on the other hand images are critical for "Psycho").


Richard Anderson

Recently got both Lawrence and 2001 in Blu Ray. Absolutely stunning.

Kubrick was definitely a master.

John Chittick

David Lean directed Lawrence of Arabia along with Bridge on the River Kwai and Dr Zhivago. All three were masterpieces. Kubrick wasn't in the same class.

Mark Collins

Had not realized that "Dial M" was done in 3D!


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