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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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Justin is correct. Culture is a belief system. It changes constantly, usually driven by economics and it is diverse amongst the Provinces. Long guns are a part of culture and politicians cannot lead on that. So it is best to move on because politicians can only follow on cultural issues. Also let the Provinces differ on cultural issues.

Note how the NDP thinks our culture can continue to simply be defined as not being American. A pretty shallow definition.

The Canadian Press Posted: 12/3/2012
Trudeau also received some pushback for stating over the weekend that gun ownership is a key part of Canada's culture.
The NDP's Nathan Cullen, who represents a rural B.C. riding and opposed the registry, said the comments smacked of insincerity. He said it was a strange position to take for someone who had been a passionate defender of the registry.
"As somebody who represents and lives in rural Canada, it seems to reduce us down to people who simply own guns," Cullen said.
"This is not who we are. We are many things. And people can smell pandering when they see it. Canadians can tolerate quite a bit from their political leaders. Hypocrisy is, generally speaking, not one of those things."
"The point is pretty simple. We're not living in the (United) States,"
A Quebec reporter asked Trudeau about that province's legal fight to keep its portion of the registry and he replied: "I find it's a very good idea. Because in Quebec it was not at all as divisive as it was elsewhere in the country," Trudeau said. "Perhaps a solution is to let provinces find different solutions.

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