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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


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when Pravda slaps you, you've really jumped the shark.

John Chittick

It's very disconcerting when one agrees with an article quoting Putin in Pravda. He has certainly captured Obama's "Progressive" theme of pimping the mindless into serfdom.

When it comes to looters and thugs, Putin's unambiguous transparency is a refreshing change from Obama's pathological obfuscation.

The walking dead of the institutional left, otherwise known as the mainstream media, could use a little life-injection by the likes of Pravda, which is the ultimate irony. Picture a conversation by a couple of acquaintances on the street, say, the liberal asks the conservative his thoughts on the latest parrot piece of the NYT only to hear the reply, "I haven't read that story as I prefer to read Pravda".

Atlas has really shrugged!

Eric D.

That seems a little extreme. A great president Obama may not be, but comparing him to monsters like Lenin or Stalin? Come now, that's just ridiculous.

John Chittick

Putin didn't compare Obama to Stalin and Lenin. He compared their respective "personality-cult" followers. There still are checks and balances preventing Obama from indulging in the excesses of those monsters even if he were so inclined.

What makes Putin's words sound so foreign to Western ears is his reference to the "Communist Manifesto". These are words which haven't been allowed to be spoken in polite company since Senator McCarthy triggered the cultural backlash making the word "communism" unacceptable and politically incorrect no mater how accurate.

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