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Thursday, December 06, 2012


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Each of those Provinces should have a Mayor instead of a Premier.


Having lived through the Regionalization of Waterloo and then Hamilton, I watched the "(in)efficiencies" bloom like the dandelions in the spring.
Nobody got fired, everybody's salary was raised to the top level in each category from police to librarians to secretaries to janitors. And of course taxes went up to cover this.
Public spirit and participation whithered as local offices moved out of town to some regional "center"

Why do we always think bigger is going to be better? Usually it's not.


Except that in 1864 Nova Scotia was not a poor province but a very well off one. We grew poor after Confederation and in no little part because of it.

John Chittick

Copinacus may be on to something. Any top-down effort at unification could see something resembling the parliament that masquerades as a City Council in Toronto. Geographically, NS, PEI, and NS make more sense as a single province, but only if they retained a government the size of just one of them. A good first step would be to get NB or NS to take on PEI as the Island makes the least sense as a whole province.

It won't happen until a future broke nation can no longer afford to subsidize (vote-pimp) over-governed provinces artificially trapped in history (PQ aussi?).


Right you are Roseberry. In 1864 Nova Scotia built the best wooden ships in the world and those ships carried produce all over the world. New Brunswick had and still has vast forest reserves and Cape Breton had coal.
Unfortunately the world changed and the maritimes didn't.
We can blame confederation because it stepped in with equalization payments so maritimers didn't need to find new ways to make a living.
So yes, you can blame the rest of Canada to that extent but...
Think of what the Isrealies would have done with Nova Scotia had they got it instead of that flea bitten piece of desert after the second world war.

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