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Friday, January 18, 2013


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“Somewhere the ghosts of Laurier, King and St. Laurent are unquiet this day”

You don’t understand RA. They are not the strength of the Liberals. They’re below ground.


It doesn't really matter what he says. 'Polite company' 'loves' him, in the same way they 'hate' the PM. Can't really answer why, but that's the way they feel. It's all about how you feel, isn't it?

John Chittick

The last century of Progressives successfully pimping the mindless down the road to serfdom, has significantly lowered the standard for empty and deceptive platitudes. Hey, if works for Obama then why not for the Spawn of Satan. I can see: "A Better Canada" as the Twenty-first century version of: "A Just Society".

The "above ground" comment was the requisite "dig" at Alberta, an economy primarily based on stuff below the surface.

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