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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


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John Chittick

Yes, fiscal debauchery is sexually blind. Whether the unborn of Ontario will be getting it from Man, Woman, or Beast, it's all invenerial as far they will be circumsized!


Liberals are primarily motivated by their need to be morally superior. Cultural issues being more about feelings therefore trump the reality of fiscal issues.

Fiscal matters were not on the radar for Wynne...she stated very clearly she was going to “continue the McGuinty legacy”. That legacy in her mind is morally superior because we have windmills. That the legacy “dug the province into a vast fiscal hole” doesn’t matter. In fact the “Ontario Liberal Party has decided to elect someone who is promising to keep digging but at a more frantic pace.”

The Liberal machine is totally blinded by the devastation of the McGuinty legacy. An ex-McGuinty minister, Ottawa mayor Jim Watson issued a statement: “I know she is passionate about building an even stronger Ontario.” Got that? “Even stronger” must refer to even stronger windmills; it sure can’t be fiscal policy. Liberals can delude themselves because their belief system is like a religion, it allows them to feel morally superior, doesn’t deal with reality. The fact that Wynne is gay allows them to gloss over everything else and announce what an historic breakthrough they have made.

“Man, I feel like a woman,” said Sheila Gervais, who lives in Hunt Club. “I’ve been working for 30 years to have a woman elected Liberal leader and I could not be more euphoric.”

Unfortunately we can see where Gervais is going with this thinking. This will be like what we watched with progressives in the USA. It wasn’t enough to elect Obama once, he had to be returned for a second term or voting against him would be deemed racist. Similarly Wynne needs to be elected Premier. Winning by default won’t count for the morally superior scales.


Silly me, as long as I can remember I've been told by my 'betters' that things like sexual orientation wasn't supposed to matter.

Except when it does, apparently.

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