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Tuesday, January 08, 2013


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Timmy it is not the politicians’ job to make government employees happy any more than it was for the shareholders of Wal-Mart to make you satisfied when you worked for them. That’s an assignment for the professional Deputy Ministers of the Queen’s Park bureaucracy. Besides if we are to fix Queen’s Park,the truth is, they are not going to be happy. They are going to be scared.

Having run a campaign devoid of policy Timmy now has a very detailed policy that even Terrance Corcoran at The Post is cheering. But now the problem is one of credibility: will Timmy have the gonads to implement his own policies?

Unfortunately when he starts sucking up to the bureaucrats, many of whom must be fired if the polices of limited government are to be implemented, we start to wonder as RA says “Tim Hudak doesn't seem sincere. He failed to offer the voters of Ontario a vision and a choice in 2011.”

Give it up Timmy; you are not going to be liked by the unionized bureaucrats, particularly if they read your 6 Paths to Prosperity. All you have to do is try to educate about 45% of the voters to the idea that the debt run up by McGuinty will never be repaid and that the only solution is to grow the economy fast enough to shrink the debt as a percentage of GDP. That’s a tough enough assignment without getting sidetracked with your silver bullets of privatizing the LCBO and trying to appear warm and fuzzy to bureaucrats.

Promise to encourage the private sector to grow the economy and to put policies in place to champion upward mobility for those who want to work hard. That’s all you can do.


Tim Hudak will lose the next election. He can't not biff it. It's in his DNA. It's in the PC party's DNA. With that in mind, there should be only 2 goals for freedom-minded Ontarians: 1) establish/elevate an alternative 2) destroy the OPC party. It's the only way.

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