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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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Unfortunately there’s more “It’s the second local funding commitment by the feds of the day, who hours earlier invested $100,000 in the Transcona Nationals Football Club.”

This Ponzi game stuff has to stop. This is regression to Liberalism and Natural Government tactics of buying seats with the taxpayers’ own money.

When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.-Ben Franklin (1706-1790).

Stop the tax deductibility of political donations. Replace that with municipal bonds with tax free status for infrastructure needs like this. Also make charitable donations more attractive with Impact Bonds. Get the feds out of these micro management games where it costs more in paper work for Ottawa’s bureaucracy to process these bribes than it’s even worth....plus it leads to corruption.

We’ll have to play this back to the next Conservative Party phone call asking for donations. ...we want the role and size of the Federal government more tightly defined.


It's good to see nomdeblog is catching up to where I and Publius and other libertarians were about 4-5 years ago. Did the PMO Praetorian Guards drop him?

This is just a tiny example. Harper yesterday announced a government run 400-million $ venture capital fund. And before that a couple hundred million for auto subsidies. And before that he guaranteed hundreds of billions of dollars of private sector debt. If the USG can inflate a housing bubble, we can inflate a housing bubble!

Harper is the most nefarious enemy of capitalism Canada has had since Trudeau.

John Chittick

Harper appears to be playing Monkey See Monkey DO with Obama. He's even using the same jargon, calling public spending "investment". It's comforting to know that the $30 billion deficit is being used to void the concept of subsidiarity by jumping over an entire order of government and using one of many Ministry of Silly-walks to do so. Maintaining future power by reinforcing his Liberal bona fides?

I like RA's new name for them - the Conservative Progressive Party. Who knows, the Liberals might have "invested" $65,000, the spendthrift bastards!

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