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Friday, January 11, 2013


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The Liberals can’t help themselves, their core multiculti tactic of turning
2 Solitudes into 200 Solitudes worked so well for decades that they simply can’t move on from that and reinvent themselves. They are right about one thing though, both Rob Ford and PMSH should go on a diet too.

John Chittick

The longer this plays out , the more reality about FNs will leak-out past the MSM and turn public opinion against the cause behind the theatre.

Perhaps Mulcair is shy because within the NDP demographic, there is a sizable blue collar redneck component naturally skeptical of the MSM fawning and correspondingly unsympathetic.

I would argue that the reserve system is more similar to apartheid than RA admits. While no one is forced to live in such text-book model socialist shit-holes, the attraction of all the "free stuff" and the social pressures preventing departure and assimilation are significant. White liberal guilt and the associated rent-seeking is best served by the status quo.

The only pragmatic solution would be to end the reserve system by bribing each and every FN / family on the reserves with a one time cash and or fee-simple deeded land settlement extinguishing all residual claims, real or perceived. Those refusing to play could find themselves under provincial jurisdiction in terms of entitlements, IOW the same laws as everyone else.

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