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Monday, January 14, 2013


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“For years I've made jokes about the Liberal Party being about nothing. Their members were too afraid of taking a relatively principled stand and joining either the Tories or the Dippers. Apparently the joke is the reality.”

That pretty much sums up the definition of a Liberal. That’s why they think of themselves as being morally superior. They think that because they don’t take a stand on anything that they are “honest brokers”. They don’t stand on the left or the right, they stand for nothing.

“smarter investments in our people”
Liberals and Obama are desperately trying to change the meaning of government spending to “investments”.

“Ella-Grace”....Proof positive that Liberals love hyphenated Canadians.

“what does any of this have to do with running Canada?”.....Proof that Liberals are about feelings not facts.


I find it sad that the politicians have made political donations such a large deduction when compared to real charitable donations. I would love to see the CPC completely abolish those deductions and see how much each of the parties collect. I have a feeling that the Liberal and NDP parties would collect near zero as their supporters are well known for their love of other people's money. I love the fact that the CPC is getting rid of the Chretien policy of government just handing money over for the # of votes. Next up, political donations in toto. We'll see how much "progressives" (a truly co-opted word) step up and show the love.

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