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Friday, February 22, 2013


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"But if the government is giving away free stuff, why not get your cut?"

Maybe 'we' are so far gone, that this is the way we should be thinking. Without drastic measures that the electorate won't tolerate(or even want in the first place), leviathan won't be rolled back.

Might as well get back some of what has been coerced from you, yes?


Stephen Harper is the most insidious enemy of capitalism since Trudeau. He is the angel of death for the Canadian Right. And since the Canadian Right seems to love him as the American left loves Obama, that would make the Canadian the death of the Canadian Right. Harper's supporters are some of the worst people on the planet.

It's not Conservative politicians that have no intellectual rigour or integrity. It's conservatism. Conservatism is a rolling trainwreck, and it needs to die.

John Chittick

If only Conservatives could be half of the demon that the left accuses them of, they would be twice the conservatives that they are now. Conservatism is a rear-guard action, delaying the inevitable democratic drift into feudalism, slowing the ratchet at best with the odd temporary rolling back of leviathan (teasers).

The only way that liberty will re-ignite is by culturally driven individuals, self governing types who would be prepared to use their guns rather than inevitably lose them. That won't happen until middle class wealth is gone or destroyed, free stuff dries-up, and civil society starts devolving into pockets of resistance and not so civil disobedience. Without the cultural fire in the belly, I don't see that happening. Being herded into Cattle cars is more likely.

But, hey, Sugar Beet subsidies have been around since WW2 - considered a strategic crop if we were ever cut-off from Caribbean Cane Sugar. Government programs just never seem to die!

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