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Thursday, February 28, 2013


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“just smile, nod and say nice things about the gravy”

That’s because Liberals can’t say nice things about their policies because they have no policies.

It’s like Robert Redford in the timeless movie The Candidate; he’s sitting in some lonely hotel room alone with his campaign manger after having won and you would think he would be invigorated but instead he blandly says:

(last lines of the movie]
Redford/Bill McKay: What do we do now?

Some other lines about McKay that could apply to Justin:

[Introducing McKay to fund-raiser dinner audience] Seriously folks, you better watch your step when he comes out here because he's a man who shoots from the hip and a man who's hip when he shoots. Join me in welcoming Bill McKay!

Bill McKay’s father explaining why he’ll win:

Floyd J. Starkey: He's gonna get his ass kicked.
John J. McKay: He's not gonna get his ass kicked.
Floyd J. Starkey: Oh yeah? How can you be so sure?
John J. McKay: Because he's cute

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