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Wednesday, February 06, 2013


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“This means that when desperate politicians, like Christy Clark, try to interfere with national trade corridors, they are firmly but politely told to mind their own business.”

That would actually be a good policy...national open trade and free labour movement.

But one more time with feeling...politics is downstream from religion/culture which in turn is downstream from economics. Since we have become secular extremists, about the only religion left is Climate Change and that is the religious/cultural button Justin is really pushing here. Conservative politicians have to jump upstream quietly over the culture dams to try to free up economics as best we can on a continent that has Obama suing S&P for the housing debacle precipitated by the government policies of Freddie and Fannie over decades.

Trying to minimize intervention into economics is about as closest thing to a strategy as Conservatives will get. Meanwhile Liberals like Justin and the Astronaut will be campaigning on cultural/religious issues like Climate Change and gay marriage because economics would mean getting “the hell out of the way”.

We’re waiting for the next cultural assault by Liberals; pulling a Sandra Fluke and calling for free contraceptives for women and if Conservatives don’t do that, it will be deemed a War on Women.


Problem is those Tory attack ads would only work in Alberta and a few other parts of The West. Trudeau can do this.

Mark Collins

"National strategies" are the curse of Canada:

"MPs debate call for national anti-bullying strategy"

"Renewed call for a national housing strategy"


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