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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


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We need to define the middle class. It isn’t simply a calculation of income in the middle. The middle class is more a state of mind and a value that is often retained by people who rise up from low positions on the economic totem pole and climb to the top of it. In a healthy situation the economically successful still hold onto their middle class values rather than using their economic position to try and rule others. In other words they usually don’t become elitists. Some do, George Soros comes to mind.

The middle class in a large population capitalist economy is the majority class that creates the economic surplus of a society that is needed for investment and growth. Therefore entrepreneurs who rise to the top of the economic heap are usually careful to treat their employees with respect rather than try to lord over them as happens in a 2-class feudal system.

Those who choose to become career politicians tend to forget the Middle Class values they sprung from or at least understood once upon a time. They tend to become elitists trying to manipulate the Middle Class into an entitlement society that can be bought off and driven into a 2-class society. Their idea of a “just society” isn’t one of equal opportunity in the Middle Class. Instead it is based on equal outcomes because they still think we’re living in the days of Robin Hood where the wealth of a nation was static and in the hands of land owners and inherited by next of kin.

That won’t work in the long run. Egypt is a good example of a 2-class society whose population is now too big to support itself. Until Egypt figures out how to allow the majority to be free to become the middle class and be the dynamic creator of wealth realizing returns on its risk, Egypt won’t succeed.

The key to the Middle Class is that it is the majority and membership is open; anyone can create wealth and thus, be a member. Political power in any society must rest with the group who generate economic wealth. This means a capitalist society must be a constitutional democracy operating by elections and the rule of law.

Again, many rise above their inherited economic status (thinking of Dr Ben Carson born into a marginal economic situation but got an education and achieved considerable economic success) yet they retain their Middle Class values throughout their lives.

None of this would make any sense to Justin or Obama because they are only interested in using meaningless jingoes like “social justice” in order to manipulate and rule as elitists. Martha Hall Findlay might get better traction if she stopped thinking in terms of the Middle Class being mid level income and instead articulated it as a value or concept necessary for a global economy to work.


You keep saying Trudeau will be a terrible mistake for the Liberals but poll after poll says otherwise.


In the same way the the NDP has managed to sell itself as the party of the people, with the help of the media, Justin will be able to do the same, again, with the help of the media (by media I mean all of the mainstream news and TV media as well as many magazines and other print media).

I take one look down south and know that the media has the greatest influence over the electorate, more than it has ever had. That an empty suit like Obama can win 2 terms is proof that a friendly media who will bury bad news is all that someone needs. And Justin already has the full cheering section just waiting in the wings, CBC, CTV, Global, etc. The print media, Globe and Mail, The Star, etc are all ready for him too. And they will all attack the only "right" wing voice, the Sun (excepting the Vancouver Sun, which is the Vancouver Red Star in all but name).

You just have to open the aggregators like Bourque or National Newswatch to see the constant stream of attack from the so called fair and balanced media to understand how much they operate like a hive mind. Witness the attacks on the Senate lately. It isn't like the information that is coming out is new. In the past this was Liberal Senators who were 'questionable' when it came to residency, but the news back then was reported once and then forgotten. Today it is constant, and ongoing, day in and day out. This to me is proof of how something as mundane as residency can be made into "big news" if only to try and embarrass the CPC. Who remembers the Liberal senator who had Alzheimer's. She was declared legally incompetent in Feb of 2012 and stayed in the Senate for months and months. If you Google it you will find some stories around Aug 28 and then nothing until she resigned 30 Nov. I have sympathy for someone, but she was declared incompetent in Feb for God's sake! What the hell does that say about the Senate? That they kept it out of the news until Aug is statement enough, but the sympathetic coverage on those couple of days in Aug were just more proof to me that the media is a progressive's best friend.

Done ranting. Feels good. Doesn't accomplish a damn thing.

John Chittick

The Spawn of Satan will get the coronation without much effort as he personifies the nullity of the LPC and much of Canada's cultural and political mindset. Martha's credentials would reflect something other than the superficial nature of the human ballast that claps like trained seals for the Spawn. With Quebec's tendency to vote to screw the ROC in Federal elections, along with media-catalyzed Harper-fatigue, the Spawn will only need the support of some of Ontario's overly abundant human ballast and Harper is back to being a minority PM or in opposition. How long before we hear "conservatives" lamenting the wasted majority with little to no accomplishment in leviathan shrinking.

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