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Friday, February 01, 2013


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Andrew Breitbart had a good insight when he said “politics is downstream from culture”. We could add that culture is downstream from economics. So when this statement is made:

“Mr. Harper -- who is doing his best -- sees the country's problems through the eyes of an Albertan. It's not bad, but it's different”.

The translation of that is:
Quebec economics is based on a key component energy which in turn evolved out of government takeovers of small private utilities and turning them into the mammoth government creation: Quebec Hydro. Alberta is the opposite. Private capital drives fossil fuel extraction. Thus the Quebec culture is content to have big daddy overseeing the economy and Albert’s culture is more entrepreneurial. That works its way downstream into the politics of those two regions.

So why isn’t PMSH pushing harder and faster for the Alberta model? That’s because he can only go as fast as the culture of the whole country. Plus there is the influence of a far left White House that shows up on our nightly cable news augmented by the adoring CBC. That means PMSH can only move with the culture to incrementally make changes.

Besides the new monkey on his back is: what is happening to Alberta lately in terms of its style of government? Calgary has a leftie Mayor and the last 2 Premiers have been liberals in sheep’s clothing.


"That means PMSH can only move with the culture to incrementally make changes."

Oh bull. He has a majority he can do whatever. Harper certainly has no problem with pursuing unpopular anti-drug vendettas or other statist but controversial legislation such as warrantless internet snooping. It's very simple: Harper is a statist, period.

And he's not 'abandoning' Quebec he keeps pouring tons of money into Quebec industry. Which just goes to show he's anti-capitalism and terrible at politics.

John Chittick

Mulroney's anti-Alberta meme really shines when he speaks of Preston Manning. He blames Manning for the destruction of the PCs instead of taking personal responsibility as he should.

"...The ROC is just declining to pay for the nurses..."

Let's hope that is a prophetic statement because today that is certainly not the case.

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