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Thursday, February 14, 2013


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John Chittick

In BC, the main difference between the Liberals and NDP is that while they are both leviathan growers/maintainers, when it comes to their attitude toward business, the Liberals can best be characterized as statists with a happy-face while the NDP only know the dour grimace of humourless labour union thuggery and Green Ivy Tower snobbery. Christie is much more fun at at Party.

There aren't enough real conservatives in the province to warrant their own party as they are out-numbered by the 17.5 principled libertarians who will, no doubt run again to satisfy their ongoing unresolved masochism.

The anyone-but-the-NDP coalition which evolved into the tired, mushy, centre-left BC Liberals is now where their Socred predecessors were after the Vanderzalm (former and always liberal) leadership left them - exhausted and ambivalent enough for another round of NDP eco-feminist labour-pandering complete with the obligatory resulting economic carnage.


“Prefacing her comments Premier Clark said that talking about religion is "risky." Please.”

She’s correct and here’s the proof:
“when Stockwell Day talked about his religious convictions, he was mocked”.

“A full throated evangelical or staunch Catholic would be ripped to shreds by the MSM” ...not if that Catholic is a Liberal.

For example the Liberal Party with help from their MSM appendages had hypocritically used fear mongering about religion in a Toronto riding where Liberal Joe Volpe, a Catholic and social conservative, ran against Joe Oliver (the current Energy Minister) and Oliver would be attacked at a door canvassing for his Conservative hidden agenda on social issues. When digging into the matter Joe Oliver could explain to the voter that they had exactly the wrong impression of both candidates.

That is a good example of how cultural/religious matters that drive politics get intertwined and need to be openly discussed well before and during an election so that we can “know what makes these people tick and every scrap of information is useful.”


Catholicism is the worst. Basically socialism on a cross. They've provided fuel for the Latin American left for decades.

BC: the BC Liberals are evil and can't win. The NDP is going to take it. May as well vote Conservative even though they've basically blown whatever shot they had with their lousy leader.

Ryan Ludwick

Just so you realise - every mainstream denomination and religion has its own wings and sects. In Anglicanism, there is the tradition of 'high Church' (Anglo-Catholic in outlook), 'low Church' (more evangelical and socially conservative) and 'broad Church' (which is kind of middle of the road and more socially liberal).

I know there are wings within Catholicism as well. To arbitrarily say that one's denomination is 'socialist' or 'conservative' is bloody nonsense. Some might tend more towards one side, but very few are completely one sided.

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