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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


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“Stephen Harper & C0. have made themselves every bit as ruthless and spin obsessed as the Chretien-era Liberals.”

It has to work that way for a reason. We have low information (LoFo), non-engaged voters. Only a little over half even bother to vote federally. Conservatives have to raise money to pay to advertise their ideas because the MSM is a propaganda arm of the progressives. Therefore if some “bigot eruption” happens or more likely a comment that abortions might not be a good idea, then that has to be countered by huge effort, energy and campaign funds when the MSM plays the eruption over and over on the nightly news.

“We live in a fallen world and politicians have fallen further than most.”

But that’s the effect not the cause. That’s like saying we aren’t accountable for our actions because life ain’t fair and some are born with a silver spoon and some born into a household scrounging. We are accountable for our actions to try and overcome our circumstances and that includes trying to be informed enough to hold politicians accountable and not let the media simply brainwash us into choices based on charisma versus ideas.

“Combined with an apathetic and disengaged public we find ourselves with the uncomfortable reality that much of modern politics is about free stuff”.

Exactly. Or “We have met the enemy and he is us". - Pogo author, Walt Kelly.

Ezra interviewed Preston last night about this. It was sad to watch, although true. They were basically saying that once a politician gets into campaign mode there is no longer time to formulate ideas and political philosophy , they are too busy in the heat of battle through the election and then in Parliamentary committees. The philosophy has to come first and then it is more or less set forever. It’s a bit like the jaded but accurate comment by Kim Campbell: “an election is no time to discuss important issues.” That’s because politics is downhill from culture and culture changes slowly with economic tides and thus politics can only be influenced over long periods of effort as proposed by the Manning Centre.

We have a flat economy. There won’t be much change until the economy can grow at about 4% like it was in the “Chretien-era Liberals”. Canada is not attacking business the way Obama is, our federal tax on corporations is 15%, it’s about 35% in the USA. Bring the Liberals back under Justin and you’ll wish you had a flat economy again.


"Conservatives have to raise money to pay to advertise their ideas because the MSM is a propaganda arm of the progressives."

The Cons have no ideas to advertise.

Our politics isn't bad primarily because of LoFo voters. That's always been the norm. A bigger factor are mindless partisan drones that will support The Party no matter what. They will, for example, highlight how important it is to hold politicians accountable and then a paragraph later tell us that politics flows from culture, so don't even bother with expectations.

"Bring the Liberals back under Justin and you’ll wish you had a flat economy again."

Classic ND. Get back in line prole or you'll wish you never questioned the party!

The real problem with politics is Conservatism. Conservatism is an intellectual wasteland. It is a trick and a dead end that consumes energy and resources without a hint of success. The Conservative movement has been a half-century failure and there is no reason to believe that will change. A sustained statist rollback requires that conservatism be discarded into history's fail-bucket.

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