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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


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Agree, these are petty little short term capital projects that should be funded locally.

What the government should be doing is what is difficult or impossible for local governments or businesses to get done on their own. Preston Manning wrote about it in his Think Big book; e.g. the transcontinental railroad, Adam Beck’s Niagara project.

A current example would be to reverse the pipelines and/or build more to move oil and gas East. There are refineries in the East end of Montreal just sitting there with no feeds. The issues aren’t so much capital; the problem is all the special interest groups that are grid locking progress.

We should tell Obama to stick the XL pipeline; we’ll use the feeds ourselves. A national rally cry could be found for that and we could steam roll over the greenies to get something done that would be worthwhile for generations to come. This is an opportunity for the Federal and Provincial governments to actually provide economic benefit and security of supply/self-sufficiency. Once done, make sure it is all privatized.

In short, there is a role for government but it’s not shafting us with elevator shafts.

Daniel Ream

Adam Beck's Niagara project?

**Adam Beck**'s Niagara project?



"A national rally cry could be found for that and we could steam roll over the greenies "

You'd also steamroll over the marketplace. Micro-pork is bad enough but I'll take it over the delusions of grandeur held by National Greatness Conservatives.
And that pipeline would never be privatized until I'm dead.

The cause of limited government is dead in Canada. It just isn't going to happen. We're basically recreating the Bush years but our 'Bush' has better speaking ability and worse hair.



John Chittick

Logan Lake is a metaphor for the baby boomer generation. The town was originally established for the copper mine that existed there. After the mine was exhausted it became a "planners showcase" for conversion to a retirement community complete with abundant existing amenities. Unfortunately the planners never calculated that a resource community's tax revenue shrinks when there are no more industrial properties to tax and all those amenities don't fund themselves easily. No problem, they know how to vote for funding. We're all Quebecois now!

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