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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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John Chittick

"A family history that charts Leftism's arc from plausibly misguided idealism to grubby featherbedding quite well...."

The only thing I would add to a good essay is that David Lewis was likely the most radical and toxic of that succession. When in University, I used to take David Lewis' speeches and edit out the words "business", "capitalists", "corporations", and "Americans" and replace them with "Jews" and "foreigners", then ask friends to read the resulting speech and guess who wrote it. The results were unanimous. Godwin's Law prevents me from disclosing the result.


An excellent description of how the progressives, Liberals plus NDP 2.0, want to return us to a feudal 2-class system of elites and peasants; no middle class driving the political agenda.

Justin can raise as much money as he wants provided he continues to disclose it, does it on his own time and does not get it from public/government entities like Schools.

“Think of Jean Chretien's lobbying efforts for oil companies”

Think of Chretien’s attack on Francois Beaudoin President of the Crown’s BDB to try and force him to lend money to Chretien’s Shawinigan golf course and when Beaudoin refused, then have the RCMP gut his cottage ..nothing short of third world country tactics.

But that isn’t capitalism. That is government/business cronyism. Capitalism has lots of free market competition without government interference.

Competition to a progressive is like a Cross to a vampire. As the Natural Governing Party the Liberals could never comprehend competition. Thus the NDP and Conservatives have pretty well annihilated the Liberals.

The only way forward for progressives is some arrangement between Mulcair and Justin to push their core harder to the left. Like the ObamaCare model, they will campaign constantly to set up national social engineering programs like Daycare; they’ll tax the rich, they’ll gut the military. If they ever get in power they’ll go back to their Kyoto religion and saddle us with carbon taxes and use the proceeds to keep themselves in power.

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