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Thursday, February 07, 2013


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“I rarely disagree with Paul but I'm afraid my view of the political class is not quite so bleak”

Paul is usually sensible and similar to RA, holding Conservatives’ feet to the fire, young enough to not worry about downside consequences of tossing out the less than perfect Conservatives because they will live long enough to perhaps see an improvement come back in the decades ahead. But Paul is a little over the top on this. Perhaps he got the idea from George Will who also sounds pretty bleak here:

“The political class is incorrigible because it is composed of — let us say the worst — human beings.”

That’s a bit much. The real issue is about people acting in their self-interest which is at the core of human nature and acknowledged as such by capitalism. If we want politicians to be more accountable then we had better invest more time to make our self-interest known when it conflicts with their self-interest.

“Politicians should be viewed anthropologically, the way researchers study some primitive tribe located deep in the Amazonian wilderness.” -RA

At times both politicians and voters are like the Lord of the Flies, on an Island, life without grown-ups.

Ray K.

"Or put it in a slightly different light: Who is worse? The John or the Whore?"

I'm guessing it's insulting to Johns and whores to compare them to politicians or the typical Canadian voter. Only one of those two groups will literally steal your life so that a resident of Toronto can take a three dollar subway ride.


"By the very fact that they seek higher office to tell us how to live makes them sub-human and not worthy of our respect."

Pretty much how I feel. Scumbags using the weight of law and a monopoly on the use of force to screw all of the rest of us over. Working in sewage control would be cleaner work.

George Orwell

I think that this is one of the best posts you have ever written.
Ultimately, we get the government we deserve (using 'we' in the collective, not personal sense.)
The ability to ignore facts and lie to ourselves will eventually (perhaps shortly?) lead to the collapse of Western society.
I wish I had a solution but I don't.
I wish I could say that I do not share any of the guilt for our collapse but I cannot.
May God have mercy on us, for I fear that the Gods of the Copybook Headings will not.

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