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Friday, February 08, 2013


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“That's just under two venti lattes at your local Starbucks”

What’s a venti latte?

“Liberal voters.....people who believe the Liberal Party is the bulwark of civilization”

Yes, for example, almost all of beautifully treed Bessborough, which is a very wide boulevard in Leeside (home of the Leeside rink where young PMSH used to play hockey) houses Liberals and their Volvos.

Having canvassed there, many have told me that we need to raise taxes. When asked why? They explain that the 25,000 PhD’d immigrants living in Flemington Park (which they can see off in the distance and they want to keep that distance) are driving taxies and they need the money.

You see kind hearted Liberals want to help by simply giving them the fish whereas the cold Conservatives would only give them a fishing pole. Liberals “feel sorry for the poor, yet do very little to actually help poor people” rise up and take risk to grab the opportunities.

Liberals just want equal outcomes by more redistribution and thus these elitists feel good about themselves; moreover that keeps “the other” in Flemington Park from spilling over onto Bessborough Drive.

John Chittick

"What’s a venti latte?"

That's a hit of caffeine in the form of hot coffee with steamed milk at four times the price (and "Hog Town prestige") of a cup at Tim Horton's.

A weakened Liberal Party is always a mixed blessing and could mean either a more enervated NDP or a more center-left Conservative Party.




"If a federal election were held in Canada today and Justin Trudeau were at the helm of the Liberal Party, they’d win a strong majority in the House of Commons, says a Forum Poll for the National Post."

At this point we may as well surrender. The CPC isn't taking us anywhere and a strong Liberal party means a suppressed NDP.

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