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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


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John Chittick

Socialized health care and education pretty much ensure a citizenry with the majority aligned with a culture owned by the institutional left. In such a sand box conservatives can't change the game because they have to play it to be seen as viable. So in addition to being useful idiots of the left, they are essentially ministerial seat warmers and poseurs for the real statists when they return to power and accelerate the growth of leviathan with or without a mandate. Young idealists notice these contradictions and either become less conflicted statists or obscure but principled libertarians. The truly masochistic of the later group engage with conservatives to attempt to influence policy only to be destroyed by the progressive politics of pimping the mindless.

On the plus side, Ambrose is pleasant on the eyes.


"In such a sand box conservatives can't change the game because they have to play it to be seen as viable."

Wrong. Reagan and Thatcher both 'changed the game' from that sandbox. Harper could to at any time but he doesn't because he is a statist, pure and simple.

John Chittick

In today's sandbox Reagan and Thatcher likely couldn't even get nominated. In those days the UK was on the verge of collapse and the US had just lived through the Carter years and was much more conservative than today. They weren't game changers, although Thatcher's changes were more lasting. Both nations are nicely back on the road to serfdom.

The only game that Harper could change would be to pass a few short-lived Bills before the Spawn of Satan would take power (may happen anyway). It's all about the support of the mindless middle that rents their vote out to the highest bidder.

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