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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


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"The power of sexual liberalism as a political instrument is that it weakens the family structure."

There's really no evidence to support this. Divorce rates are not increasing. The conclusion of this article sounds more like projected hope than drawn from evidence.


Saw this comment recently:

In the near future, all dates will be chaperoned, not to protect the woman's reputation, but to protect the man's.



It helps the divorce rate that fewer are getting married in the first place.

Will S.

I think you're overly optimistic.

Young men will be young men, and, absent a faith-driven commitment to pre-marital celibacy, many will pursue young women if they have the self-confidence required (nerds won't), regardless of the potential consequences. "Oh, that won't happen to me; I'll be careful", they'll think, as regards morning-after-regrets-recast-as-'date-rape'. Alas, for many, it will.

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