Statement of Intent

The authors, although they disagree on various subjects, maintain a common understanding of certain simple truths, as the title of the blog implies - Copybook Headings. By focusing on the subjects of History, Politics, Economics and Philosophy, roughly in that order, we intend to promote the idea that man is an individual, quite capable of independent thought and action, and of using his rational faculty to understand himself and the world about him. This entails that man is only capable of living effectively in a society that preserves his ability to think and act freely, by protecting his inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (his right to Property is assumed from this).

The only political system capable of meeting these goals is laissez-faire Capitalism, with a constitutional form of government. From this it goes without saying that Free Market principles will be promoted unfailingly.

Our enemies are ignorance, superstition, irrationalism and the collectivist premise. We will, at every turn, battle their ideological manifestations: Religion, Socialism, Determinism, Mediocrity, Nationalism and other branches of those most rotten trees. Man cannot be a slave to God, society or his own delusions, and we intend to draw our pens, to fight this most important of battles, waged on the battlefield of the mind

-P. & B.


A blog is a piece of property. As such, those who retain ownership also retain full control over how the property is to be used and disposed of. There is an interest that this particular blog maintain a high quality of intellectual discourse. Therefore, a certain academic cordiality will be maintained, and that entails the following:
-Neither Author nor Commenter may, for any reason, curse, swear or use expletives in any way, shape or form. This does not mean that criticism is not allowed, but that it must be done in good faith and hopefully with flavour and wit. For example, Shakespearean curses, colourful though not profane metaphors, and euphemisms are quite acceptable.

-When possible, attempt to use titles when addressing or referring to any other person with a discernible proper name. Very simply, inane colloquialisms such as “Dubya” should become Mr. Bush or President Bush.

-Spelling, Grammar and Capitalization are a must. If you cannot even correctly write in your own language - English, in this case - what chance do you stand at expressing a concise or valid thought? The former is much simpler than the latter, after all.

The owners of this blog reserve the right to remove any comments posted, which are deemed by them to be offensive and not otherwise in keeping with the spirit and intent of The Gods of the Copybook Headings. We also, obviously, reserve the right of rebuttal. We will not however, edit or alter the words and ideas of others. Although we own the blog we do not have the moral right to pass off our beliefs as those of others. Comments will either be rebutted or deleted but never altered except in the case of profanity, where the offending word(s) will be removed.

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Richard Anderson was born in Toronto, Ontario during the dying days of disco to a family of iterant trapeze artists. After a brief stint as a child musician in The Parachute Club the young Richard attended a variety of public schools in Metropolitan Toronto. During this time he acquired a fierce dislike of both formal education and the Ministry of Education itself. After leaving school at the age of 12 he worked a variety of odd jobs, among them delivering pizzas and performing small engine repairs in a mechanic’s shop on Coxwell Ave. At night he taught himself political science, classics, history, and Austrian and neo-classical economic theory. At the age of nineteen, on the advice of his career counselor, Lady Shauna, one of the leading Tarot Card Readers in the Junction District, Richard enrolled at the University of Toronto. After contemplating, and then rejecting, majors in engineering, physics, tapestry and library sciences he enrolled in a double major in History and Economics with a minor in Commerce and Finance. Finding himself, inexplicably, unemployed after graduation the enterprising Richard started a series of business ventures that were subsequently found to be in violation of both Criminal Code Statues 13.1 and 13.4, as well as the British North America Act (1867). Later on, through shrewd speculation in both Bre-X and Nortel stocks, Richard was able to acquire a substantial fortune and currently lives off the interest. While not exactly a “conservative” in his intellectual perspective, or life style, Richard has always been an enthusiastic supporter of right of center political parties at both the federal and provincial levels. The only exception to this was a momentary lapse of judgment in 1988 when he supported the Liberal Party during the famous Free Trade election of that year. This was due to a misunderstanding of the terms of the FTA deal, particularly as regards the arbitration mechanism for textile and softwood lumber disputes. His autobiography, I Am Publius: Confessions of a Canadian Blogger, was published in 2003 and was awarded the Governor General’s prize for Best Non-Aboriginal Southern European Ethnic Narrative and Short Story. He currently resides somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife and cat. They have two children.