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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


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“In crippling their economy and having small families, the Quebecois have committed cultural suicide”

But given the rule that Quebec can never have less than 75 seats, therefore the ROC has to keep adding MPs with their growth versus a more sensible formula of redistribution. “There will be 30 seats added nationally to the House of Commons in 2015, that's 40% of the seats Quebec holds” and the total increases from 308 MPs to 338.

Under this formula we’ll soon end up with as many MPs as there are Congressmen in the USA which is 10x’s bigger in population but only has 435 Representatives. We can’t afford more MPs and their entourage sitting around dreaming up more ways to control our lives.

So the good news is that we’ll crowd out whatever the latest extremist movement Quebec sends to Ottawa but the bad news is that we’ll have so many MPs tripping over each other trying to do something that we are in danger of growing wealth consuming government beyond the private sector’s ability to create wealth and carry government on its back.


I'm curious as to what a PQ majority will do with this back-to-school legislation, if current polls hold up on election day.

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