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Friday, September 07, 2012


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I actually guffawed at your first paragraph. LOL.

Tangenital: can conservatives please please stop fixating on the CBC so much and a lot more on the CRTC? The CBC sucks but it's not going anywhere. The CRTC media regulations are much softer targets and more rewarding to hit.


“Some Conservatives MPs are beginning to act conservatively. Should it continue, it..... might even mean the real rolling back of government. “

Right! If the Federal budget hits targets we’ll be seeing a roll back of Ottawa to 12% from highs of 16% of GDP. Total (3-level) government being carried on the back of the private sector is a 40/60 % GDP ratio. So the Federal portion of that 40% is not the problem....the problem is in Queen’s Park and Quebec City.

Yesterday the PCs lost in K-W. Hudak tired to paint that seat as an Elizabeth Witmer personal fiefdom rather than a Tory stronghold. Witmer, had been a cabinet minister in the Mike Harris years; yet she carried her seat beyond (what the MSM calls) those terrible union busting Harris years.

Now the seat has gone to a Dipper who was the former head of the Ontario Public School Boards Association.

Yes we need to get some “rolling back of government”. That won’t happen with Hudak. The PC’s head is in the sand. They actually had the gall to send out a delusional email after last night’s loss that said “we can all be proud of our momentum.... we showed that we are the only Party that can put Ontario back on the right track.”

We need someone like John Baird to lead the PCs.


Wonderful piece. Then there was that squib on horseback, Gen. Georges Boulanger:



"So the Federal portion of that 40% is not the problem....t"

Does that figure include the equalization outflows?

Sean M

The best post I've read in a while... Bravo, and thank you.

Sean M

I agree, the CRTC is another Trudopian block in the war on Canadians. Thank God for the internet, or I'm afraid Trudopia would still be operating in the shadows, in a fog of deceit, destroying Canada, while catering to Trudeaus tribal comrades in Quebec, leaving Canadians isolated and adrift. Getting rid of the CRTC would go along way in exposing the diseased nature of the Trudopian State


Cy if you are asking are they double counted at the Federal level and then again at the Provincial level, they shouldn’t be; but that’s a good point, government accounting is full of Ponzi movements of funding. In any event equalization payments are about $15 billion on a 1.5 trillion economy so the overall equalization percentage versus the 40% is tiny even if it is double counted.

The point I’m making is that Washington Big Government intervention into the economy is already twice the size of Ottawa and growing as they add ObamaCare at the Federal level. Whereas we run Health almost entirely at the provincial level. We don’t have a Department of Education at the Federal level, the US does; on and on.

Our challenges to fix government are mostly below the Federal level and now we have Dipper growth in Ontario and the waning PCs. Now we have Separatists running Quebec, together that’s almost 2/3rd of the population run by very worrisome Provincial politicians. It can be argued that Premiers in Canada have more clout than the PM and we don’t pay enough attention to that dynamic.

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