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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


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RA has done a great job of laying out the litany of McGuinty’s baggage. Did McGuinty do anything right? Possibly on the education file a couple of things were improved but there is no indication that teachers are anywhere close to being managed as a meritocracy instead of seniority. McGuinty does deserve credit for implementing the lesser of evils tax, the HST, and also lowering corporate tax (although the Dippers have stalled that corporate tax reduction)

While it would appear the cause of the resignation might be the scandalous buying of a couple of MPP seats for perhaps as high a number as $650 million to cancel gas plants, the bigger scandal is the McGuinty government doubling the debt from $130 billion to $260 billion. That is a massive moral outrage of transferring fiscal failure to the next generation and beyond. All Liberal MPPs are responsible for that legacy, not just McGuinty and Liberals deserve to be in the penalty box for at least a decade.

McGuinty seems to think he can temporarily slam his government union base with a salary freeze and then by resigning allow the next Liberal leader, say the far left Kathleen Wynne, to have a clean slate to pick up the union base again. Maybe the Liberals can in fact do that.

Other issues that need attention are the Working Families Coalition of unions that is a de facto Super Pac of funding for the Liberals and its ads cause serious problems for the PCs. Also beyond the gas plant problem, the McGuinty energy programs and green programs are another massive witch’s brew of cronyism that needs auditing.

The problem we conservatives have is Hudak, who blew the opportunity last election to define the PCs. He finally seems to be doing a better job of defining the PCs with his Paths to Prosperity programs. Yesterday he also announced a plan to wrest the Toronto subway away from the Karen Stint naysayers and treat transit as a Provincial issue. But Hudak has lost the confidence of many conservatives who would otherwise help him energize the party.

How could Hudak atone himself for the disasterous campaign he ran the last time? He could promise as Premier to appoint Don Drummond as Deputy Finance Minister.


"Yesterday he also announced a plan to wrest the Toronto subway away from the Karen Stint naysayers and treat transit as a Provincial issue."

Yes, because transit in Toronto is an issue for the rest of the Province.


"he also announced a plan to wrest the Toronto subway away from the Karen Stint naysayers and treat transit as a Provincial issue."

Oh goody he's going to blow money on lousy subways AND centralize power. I gave Hudak a chance and he has improved, but not enough.

I would not be surprised to see Ontario's next election mirror the Quebec election with the NDP getting a weak minority government.


There are 7 million people in the Greater Toronto Hamilton area and it’s going to 9 in the next couple of decades. We already have grid lock and smog which will get a lot worse with the joining of several urban areas into a solid mega city. Hudak is correct to pick up the transit file which influences the movement of vehicles in a wide radius from Oshawa to Kitchener/Waterloo and thus about 70% of the GDP of Ontario which in turn is 40% of Canada.

The transit business case based on environmental issues plus productivity benefits of efficiently moving people should be obvious to all 3 levels of government and all parties. Metrolinx was set up to handle all that but McGuinty started tilting a windmills. So kudos to Hudak for finally tackling something that makes a lot more sense to the broader community than workfare for chain gangs.


Agreed about chain gangs.

However, the problems of transit in SW Ontario is a SW Ontario problem. You can shove your 'tyranny of the majority' to solve your local problems.


Mike the region you want “to shove” happens to be heart of the country ( sorry Quebec and Cross Canoe Alberta) and needs to be compared to the dynamic roles of their respective locales …NYC, Chicago, London, Paris, Singapore, Delhi .

The real “tyranny” is that our politicians for years have been using our tax dollars to coddle their government union base instead of wisely investing capital for things like transit to bring Canada’s only mega-City ( or Imperial Capital as RA likes to call it) to at least the transit level of Delhi ( they have 400 miles of brand new underground, we have 40).

Ontario should exit the LCBO union business and enter modern transit. Mr Hudak prioritize please, this is your chance to define what governments should be doing and exiting what the private sector could be doing. As Mitt Romney says " we should not be borrowing from China for Big Bird".


No. Rail doesn't work. The only thing that will is 1) de-amalgamation and 2) Toll roads. Everything else is just burning money.


Cy you say rail doesn’t work. What do you base that on?
My experience in numerous cities all over the world has been that rail is infinitely better than buses which are slow and clog traffic.

Why do you propose to nail the middle class with tolls if you don’t first offer them public transit that works. We aren’t all born into the Liberal Limo set. How can you justify tolls screwing the poor schmucks who have to drive to work because the alternatives are too slow or non-existent in their neighbourhood?

What does de-amalgamation have to do with transit? People don’t travel to work according to some political jurisdiction.


That's strange, I could have sworn that mega-city became a mega-city for just this reason.

Now that you can't extort enough money from the surrounding areas anymore and your council is as dumb as a box of rocks(something not limited to T.O., but I digress), you now think the rest of the province should pay for your MUNICIPAL problems.

I don't want to pay for Toronto(or Hamilton, or Kitchener, etc.) transit any more than you should pay for Ottawa(or Kingston, etc.).


“I don't want to pay for Toronto (or Hamilton, or Kitchener, etc.) transit any more than you should pay for Ottawa (or Kingston, etc.).”

Mike that tribal attitude is why the First Nations (600 bands) are about a million people and Canada is 33 million. Because there is a role for Peace Order and Good Government (preferably shrunken from what it is now) but required in areas where we can’t justify free market competition. So goes the economic health and productivity of the core of Greater Toronto and so goes the health of Ontario and for Canada. A lot more “equalization” is drained out this mega-city by taxes than is poured back in and a better balance has to be found if we are to compete in a global economy.

Subways are classic example of a utility where we can’t justify setting up competition. In fact we’ve not been able to afford the appropriate capital expansion of transit commensurate with the population growth because politicians blew the money on cronyism with their government union base, which is why the left still does not support investing in subways and much of the right does. We don’t need $50,000 unionized ticket takers. We need to invest in smart pass technology and automation throughout our transit. But the left is fighting that preferring to spend the money on their unions.

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