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Friday, October 12, 2012


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Ray K.

Seems that boxing match was a huge career move. Also, what gives you the sense of personal decency? Was it his preference for the scatological over the obscene?


My Liberal friends who have witnessed firsthand the aura of Justin Trudeau enter a room at say a fund raising gathering , i.e. they are totally in the tank with the magic; yet they are also very worried this same aura will propel Justin to the top of the Liberal heap when he is not yet ready. Realistically, at 41, he is already too old to ever glean enough real world experience to run a company let alone the world’s 7th largest economy.

The problem the Liberals have is the same as the Democrats. They run on emotion and need a messiah to part the seas or lower the oceans like Obama said he would. Instead of defining themselves by policy and then finding a leader to sell those policies they approach it backwards. Find a messiah to sell whichever way the wind is blowing.

The shortest way to describe this phenomenon is:

Liberals fall in love with their leader, because they want to be led.
Conservatives reluctantly fall somewhat in line with their leader, because they really don’t want to be led in the first place.


Justin Trudeau reminds me of Belinda Stronach: possessed of good looks and great name recognition but in the end she didn't have an idea to call her own. Justin's speeches so far are long on fuzzy bromides and critically short on substance. I suspect this is the reason he is Liberal critic for Youth and Sports instead of Finance or Foreign Affairs.

Its as if the Liberal Party is just too lazy to focus on identifying the reasons why they have come to third place in Parliament, and working out a strategy to resurrect the party. It seems so much easier to just resurrect the Trudeau mystique instead.


Trudeau is more of a threat than you realize. He has a serious shot so long as Harper and Mulcair are both at it; the 'cynical' oldschool politicians people claim they don't want. This gives Trudeau a niche. The 'cool new post-partisan' BS niche. Simple solution: replace Harper.

"Conservatives reluctantly fall somewhat in line with their leader, because they really don’t want to be led in the first place."

Conservatives are by and large every bit as slavishly obedient to Harper as Dems are to Obama.

And Dubya really was stupid.

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